A social science paper is an argument based essay that states certain positions and supports them using evidence from cited literary works or experiments.A social science paper does not need to be controversial in order to be termed argumentative.All the social science paper needs to have is a substantiated stand on an idea or issue based on the social sciences.The content of a social science paper is based on issues that pertain to the academic study of human society.A social science paper is written as a synthesis of knowledge in social sciences that explore human aspects of the society.The divergence of social sciences from humanities and arts emphasizes the use of scientific methodology in their studies.Thus, it is common for a social science paper to have qualitative and quantitative methods of substantiating its position on an issue.

The Writing of a Social Science Paper

The writing of a social science paper starts with the stating of a focused thesis statement that declares the author’s stand and argument.Preceding the thesis statement is a brief introductory summary of the social science topic under highlight in the paper.The introduction of the social science paper may also contain a literature review.The literature review in the social science paper details information that is already known about the social science topic that the paper highlights.This forms the introductory part of the social science paper.The thesis after the introduction of a social science paper should be an assertion that can be substantiated with evidence.Thus, it is normal to find the thesis statement in a social science paper posing a question that will be answered in the proving of the thesis statement’s position.Evidence in support of a social science paper may be in various forms including figures from research, theories, facts, stories or refuting and anticipating counter arguments.The evidence of a social science paper should support the thesis statement.It should also be clearly laid out how the evidence in the social science paper supports the author’s thesis.

The presentation of details of an argument constitutes the body of the social science paper that tries to prove the thesis.The sequential presentation of evidence in a social science paper should be logical for it to make a convincing impression on the reader.Thus, the social science paper’s argument should not merely restate the thesis in other words.The arguments in a social science paper should be based on logic and reasons that can be ascertained and not on mere assertions.The arguments could be accompanied by results of findings that may have been carried out if the social science paper was research based. Subsequently, the results of a social science paper should be accompanied by an analysis that will also state the implications of the results from the analysis.

The final part of the social science paper should have a conclusive statement that covers a brief of what was highlighted in the paper and the development of the stand. Through the basis of the logical arguments used throughout the paper, the author should finally draw a conclusion that gives a clear stand about the thesis.While doing this, the author of the social science paper should remember to detail the implications and applications of the argument.

The use of proper grammar and spelling is also essential in writing a social science paper.This is because errors in grammar and spelling detract from your content of the argument in the social science paper.In turn, this may render the social science paper ineffective in presenting the argument.

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